New Zealand

50th Anniversary
Summit of
Mount Everest

NZ Earthquakes

Escape & Evasion
by Cyclemaster Land's End
to the Shetland Isles

The Great
British Fish
& Chip Run

to the
Arctic Circle

to the
North Pole

Range Rover
Circumnavigation of
the British Isles

Land's End to
John O'Groats

About Richard

Many life changing experiences after 9 years as a Royal Marines Commando & moving to Auckland New Zealand September 2001.

With the epicentre of the 7.1 earthquake near Christchurch NZ September 2010, a stone's throw from where I lived and farmed alpacas close to the foothills of the Southern Alps. With multiple daily earthquakes injury followed March 2011 whilst serving with NZRT12 and my pressured return with only a backpack to my home city of Norwich in the UK April 2011 to recover, hence, losing everything held dear to me.

How a successful person can go from having near everything in life to being shipwrecked and a refugee due to natural disasters 12000 miles away is beyond comprehension.

Through adversity one truly finds themself & the meaning of life!

Motivated to make a positive difference in this inspirational and dynamic world, by virtue.

Event's for charity - not on the street:

Escape and evasion by Cyclemaster - .6bhp engine in the wheel bicycle. Land's End to Shetland Isles. 1200 miles, 60 days. For BRC & Riders for Health Africa.

The Great British fish & chip run - circumnavigation of Great Britain's coastline on a 8.5bhp Royal Enfield diesel using recycled chip oil for fuel. Reaching Spean Bridge Commando memorial for the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines. 30 days, Oct-Nov 2014. Royal British Legion & BRC.

V Max to the Arctic Circle - riding a 160bhp motorcycle from London to Lapland winter. Dec 2014-Feb 2015, then riding back through the Baltic States. For RBL.

Range Rover full circle - circumnavigation of the British Isles with my 2 aged dogs in a 1970 RR. Unicef & the Royal Foundation.

Walking Land's End to John O'Groats. 9 weeks, 1000 miles. For Unicef & the Royal Foundation.